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A playmama is a role model/mother replacement when one's mother is not around. Or something like that. There are several rules/guidelines to being a playmama:

1. Someone else has to ask for one's playdaughter, when asking for a playmama. A playdaughter can never ask directly.
2. The playmamas must sleep in the rooms of their playdughters.
3. One has to give them hugs whenever they are requested.
4. One has to smile. Constantly. If one does not smile, one runs the risk of the playdaughter jumping off a bridge, or ledge, or other very high object.
5. Not only does one have to smile (in general), but one must also smile for the camera. Whenever needed.
6. One must give their phone number to their playdaughter(s).
7. A playmama can have an unlimited number of playdaughters, and a playdaughter can have an unlimited amount of playmamas as well.
8. If one's playdaughter has a playdauhter, one becomes a playgrandma.
9. One cannot ask for a playdaughter.
Girl 1: Okay, how am I going to do this... will you be <Girl 2's> playmama?
Playmama: Umm... okay?
Girl 2/Playdaughter: HEY PLAYMAMA.
by Not Ashley June 29, 2008
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