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A magazine featuring naked gay men. The homosexual male equilivant to Playgirl.
Did you see that gay guy in Playguy?
by dilary huff December 10, 2005
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Another term for a player or play boy

Play guys are boys that will make a girl feel loved. They target on women/girls. Make them feel like they are the only girl in his life and that he is 'in love' with them. Do not be deceived. These guys will play with you and mess with you and try to flirt and try to get into your pants.

These players are usually sociopathic and trust me not all of them are handsome. I've been there too.

Players can trash talk anyone even their exes or girls they took advantage to. They are very manipulative and cunning watch out!they can turn everyone or even your friends against you.
An example of a play guy can be this boy. Let's call him TJ. Now TJ has a gf let's call her Naomi. Then TJ and Naomi dated for a week then he breaks up with her, trashtalks her and leaves her for a girl called Irene. Irene and Naomi are two best friends.

TJ manipulates girls and breaks up with them and hurts them really bad.
Dont be like TJ.

(Also based on a true story)
by Shrek-Tastic! December 28, 2018
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