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What an accuser smugly utters after an audio recording or video-footage-clip conclusively proves that a protester-of-innocence did indeed commit the misdeed he was accused of.
Teenage delinquent: I swear, Officer --- I absolutely positively unquestionably DID NOT spray that graffiti on that shop window!! Why, I wasn't even THERE at that time --- I was down at the lake, just gazin' up at the stars and mindin' my own business!
Security guard: Really --- were you, now? Well, my young friend, let's just you and me take a little stroll over to the mall's CCTV-monitoring room, and pull the tape of last night's parking-lot activity.
Teenage delinquent, seeing the greenish-white IR-lighted security-camera footage of himself being very busy with his spray-cans on the store's front sidewalk: But --- but --- I --- this just can't --- I ---
Security guard (giving the flustered youth a self-satisfied smile and shaking his head with a "caught in the act after all, eh, son?" expression): Yeah, I know --- playback's a b***h, isn't it?!
by QuacksO March 12, 2017
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