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A procedure carried out by vegans when the host releases his "seed" onto a plant species of any type which does include trees but not to be confused with tree hugging. The procedure is viewed as a way of reproduction by the religion of veganism. Once the procedure has ended, the host chants a speech of creating the "plantant", a superior gender and specie that will eventually outgrow the population of humans and take the planet and rid it of all that is seen as a sin in the eyes of veganism. Unfortunately, the plant doesn't survive once the load has dropped and it has an overdose of hormones. Theoretically, the planet should have some sort of reaction to the hormones. Trees are rarely used in this procedure.
"Yeah yeah my mate vegan Jim did a tad bit of plant cumming the other day but he died of exposure before the police could beat him to death from public nudity"
by Djduff November 01, 2017
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