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compound word derived from the two words planking and sandwich. In its pure form it is three people simultaneously planking in a horizontal stack of male female male. Other constructions are permissable, however three 'plankwichers' are the official minimum. first recorded plankwich occured 15th June 2011 in Kuching Malaysia and was performed by three australians. plankwiching in public requires planning, speed, caution and a camera.
' I had a great plankwich last night '

He: Was that your first plankwich, because you were great!'
She: Yes it was my first but it wont be my last!'
Me: "I'd rather have a plankwich than sex"
My friend: "I didnt think your wife was that bad"
Me: "No plankwiching is that good!"
by inaughte69 June 17, 2011
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