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Verb. Similar to the word concut. Concut is conversation cut off while this acronym stands for piss cut. What piss cut is is, when a person is mad at you for doing something really gay and then says a word or phrase which got cut off. Such as, when person 1 is bothering the crap out of person 2, person 2 says something to make person 1 stop bothering or to react to what person 1 said or did.
Example 1: (reacts to the bother)
PandaBoyx: *pokes adreannie like hell*
Adreannie: CAN YOU --- <-----pizcut
PandaBoyx: uh, you didnt finish your sentence?
Adreannie: *silent*

Example 2: (responds to the bother)
PandaBoyx: wow? ok...why do girls do this pizcut crap? Can you just suck on my sweaty balls god damn. dick dick dick dick.
Adreannie: UGHa (adds a "a" at the end like "OWWah" but "OWWah" is a reaction to when someone pokes someone.)
by pandaboyx October 16, 2009
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