The act of filling out a false report using a computer. This is the electronic version of pencil whipping.Pixel whip, whipped, whipping, whipper.
I didn't have time to make a complete observation and fill out a proper report, so I pixel whipped it instead.
by Dave Wiggins March 22, 2007
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A person that becomes controlled by a internet relationship; to the point where cyber-sex and pixels are more important then a real life sexual relationship. To become a chat room wanker full time.
a)Melissa makes Lonnie dance like a puppet on his webcam in front of 100 people. He is half a man now that hes PIXEL WHIPPED.
b)Instead of meeting a woman in his local area code; Frank made love to his hand in front of a computer screen. He is truely pixel whipped
by THECHILLPHILL June 21, 2008
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