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Pitch fox is a word used to describe a woman who has a sexy, strong and fun loving personality. A pitch fox knows how to party and have a good time with her friends. A foxy lady thats for sure. Pitch foxes can be found at partys, festivals and clubs and will always stand out from the crowd. With an alluring scent that will capture your senses as well as your heart you are sure not to forget a pitch fox should you be lucky enough to meet one. Pitch foxes are rare and should you be lucky enough to snare one, never let them go! Never to be mistaken with a bitch fox which is a sly, cunning and dirty bad smelling animal.
mmmm can you smell that, it smells good, she must be a pitch fox!

Can you see that girl dancing over there, she must be a pitch fox, i think i am in love!

Have you met my best mate? she is a pitch fox, yea thats right, a pitch fox, i am very lucky!
by Lescrat July 23, 2010
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