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It's when someone fails a piss drug test.
Guy#1" Hey where's Mike?'

Guy#2" He pissed Dirty so they Let him go!" Mikes bro

Guy#1"I hate drug test, shit belows, Piss dirty!!!"
by luvs2speed69 April 03, 2007
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Term used for when you have illict substance(s) in your system and in situation where as you are drug tested, you would not pass to say the least. Can also be expressed as saying "pissing dirty" which can be quite hysterical if used in question context in reference to another pass time activity as something fun to do with a little slang (not including proper verbage or grammar).
"He Joey, what's good?"
"Not a lot, just nervous about tonight. It's my last meeting and if they end up testing me, I'll piss dirty!"
"Oh, not good my man."
Second Example
"Hey my dude, what's up? You pissing dirty?"
"Hah, yeahh"
by Cracker Jack Vox February 04, 2017
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