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(South African surfer's slang.)

("pippi" is a small penis; a "jorl" is a pleasurable excursion, outing or drive) Slightly pejorative, but not meanspirited.

A young teenager or pubescent thought to be juvenile or sexually inexperienced and hence somewhat insignificant. a "teeny-bopper".
Example 1: "Last night I tried to kry a doppie at the bar, but the place was full of pippi-jorlers!"

Translation: "Last night I tried to score an alcoholic drink at the bar, but the place was full of young irksome teeny-boppers."

Example 2: "Man, the beach was crammed with pippi-jorlers yesterday."

Translation: "Man, the beach was filled with very young annoying teenagers yesterday."
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
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