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Pinkyfisting is a term used when describing the difficulty of assigned tasks in terms of anal assault. Pinkyfisting describes a specific situation in which one is prepared to take it hard, but is relieved when the task is not as difficult as expected. This is where the pinky analogy comes into to play. The anal assault is not as horrible as originally anticipated, thus the victim lets down their guard thinking, "This doesn't hurt that bad." Just as one let's down their guard the fisting part of the analogy steps is. Just as the victim let's down their guard, the difficulty of the task at hand increases exponentially. This parallels having you anus fisted hard without knowing it was coming.

It essentially describes being lulled into a false sense of security only to be blindsided by a sudden increase in difficulty.
Chem class is pinkyfisting me. Last week it was easy, but now it's fisting me hard in the butt.
by pinkyfistedbypurdue September 11, 2009
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