white people who are so white their skin looks or glows a pink hue, mostly irish, english, or european descent.
my brothers and I are hella native, but our half brother is a pink people, look at his rosey face.
by swinkle March 6, 2011
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Another word for white people or people of color, because white people's skin has a pink undertone.
Person A: "White people be crazy thinking they can get away without another Depression in US by lifting regulations they set in place right after the Great Depression of US."

Person B: "You mean pink people. They're pink like pig's skin. Them hogs are too greedy to know they're in their own filth."
by Pink Slime October 5, 2012
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people who are half european (white) and half native american (red)
What do you get when you cross white people with redskins? PINK PEOPLE !
by TaylorHasRocks November 10, 2018
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