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Sarcastic Russian term for America, combining "Pindos" (roughly the Russian equivalent of Gringo) with "-stan" (the Central Asian term for country), meaning roughly "Gringo Country."

Also seen as "Pindustan" to rhyme with "Hindustan"
"So the other day Pasha was walking around talking a bunch of shit about political freedom and self respect and I told him, bitch, you should never have spent your summer vacation in Pindostan, those dumb amerikos motherfuckers have filled your head with all that western khuynya."
by Bubba Cornflakes February 27, 2014
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Russian term for America, combining "Pindos" (equivalent of "gay", "a homosexual male") with "-stan", meaning roughly "Country of Gays".
Pindostan is located in North America.

With total area nearly 10 million square miles and population of 308 million Pindosans.

It is a fact that part of Pindostan used to belong to Russia, right now called Alaska.
by SLNK555 November 17, 2014
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