Said with a sarcastic tone in voice. Used to tell someone that "nobody cares." Often used when one does not want to listen to a long story someone else wants to tell. This phrase mostlikely originated on the early 1990's show "Full House."
Person 1: I have so much to tell you! I just had my first horseback riding lesson and jumped my first fence in one day!
Person 2: Well pin a rose on your nose.
by mkkmypet May 17, 2005
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It certainly predates that sitcom “Full House” (where it was mostly used incorrectly) by several decades. “Pin a rose” refers to rewarding someone for a good deed. To say “pin a rose on your nose” was a sarcastic way of saying you think you deserve an award, but you really don’t. You might say it to a braggart. “Yeah, we’ll pin a rose (award) on you… On your nose!”

Saying sarcastically, “good for you,” or, “well aren’t you special” have similar meanings. It’s like saying, you think you’re so good, but you’re not all that.
Person 1: I haven’t missed a day of school since 2nd grade. Person 2: Well, pin a rose on your nose.
by CAEdge August 31, 2021
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