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A very specific term only associated with men who care less when women leave, for these men have escalators filled with women to choose from. Containing pimptatude does not need to be a man with the title of pimp, or that of a man who sells women's pussy.

Derivative of the word pimp. Pimptatude is the attributed volume in which a man is qualified. This qualification is similar of levels from 1 to 10, and is directly correlated with the amount of time it takes a man to disregard a woman for another. All women involved in a man whom displays pimptatude give up the pussy within a 24 hour period.
Bro, my pimptatude level been dropping dog. Tasha and Brittney ain't giving up the pussy tonight, and I just deleted Christina, and all the bitches in her circle.

"You gotta be careful, bro. My pimptatude is mad high right now, because I ain't telling the circle of bitches I'm fucking, that I'm fucking within their circle of friends. Yo, let me toss you this bitch I been ready to cross out".

Good looks dog.

"Yo, she got a hot little circle too bro, so get that shit back up dog."
by TrueHilarious July 24, 2017
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