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A gay retarded troll on youtube that makes videos about how pimpin he is (not.) He is a sony fanyboy, even though he says he's not. He likes Seth Dub. How that is possible is beyond me. His spelling is HORRIBLE! He wants to be gangsta, even though we know gangstas get into a bunch of trouble.
Example of pimpinmasterdx spelling:
1. i aem nut ae sone fnboe
2. da pstripple iz ballin
3. lolwut
4. no ur stupd pwnd oeh ya
5. o snaep!
6. no da irategaemer came furst jamez rofl hakd hiz account so it lokz lik he cam frst.


1. I am a sony fanboy and I suck.
2. I like rainbows and pony's.
3. Sorry, I am to stupid to hear what you're saying
4. No, I pwned my self. Look at me! I pwned my self!
5. Oh, I need to read a newspaper instead of living in a rock.
6. I am full of lies
by SmithtotheMarcus September 05, 2008
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