A slightly controlled stagger on either the left or right leg that causes one to limp in such a way that others will notice him. In short, a “pimp walk” is what most “ballers” do as they walk down the street, or enter a room; it lets the surrounding audience (who ever they may be) know that they are the shit.

Usually a pimp walk may intensify if the subject is carrying either a load of narcotics (such as a bomb of rocks) or is strapped with a heater, (thus meaning carrying a concealed firearm)

Lyrics from the rapper “A CinKo”, In the song entitled “True Balla”

“Half key in da pocket, make my leg get limp
Stud in the room, you goes know I’m da shit
Glock in the front with de extended clip
Your bitch on my side cause she knows I’z pimp”
"Damn dat nigga right der got a pimp walk so mean knock any other nigga to his knees, dont fuck with dat nigga, for sho"
by Archeus May 30, 2007
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visiting all the charity shops in one street in quick succession, often bumping into other pimpwalkpilgrims.
"let's do the Pimp Walk!"
by lokizwo January 24, 2005
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