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A mother who is usually addicted to strong opiates or methamphetamines she can get legally or illegally. Often soccer moms take the edge off the meds high with booze or cheap domestic beer. Being a mom, most likely with an oblivious husband with a well-paying job, she's usually in possession of a solid grocery-getter/multi-passenger car most likely a white mini-van(the preferred vehicle of a PPSM) so she is able to get several kids to soccer practice after school while she's hopped up on meds.
"A pill-popping soccer mom purchased a set of new tires then proceeded to crash into the tire store trying to test out the new tires doing some high speed donuts in the parking lot. What a fucking stupid bitch! She must be a pill-popping soccer mom!"

"Mom heckled the refs again at our soccer match today. My English teacher yelled at her,"Go home you drunken, pill-popping soccer mom...get help!"

"The meth addict was once #1 in population only to be usurped by the pill-popping soccer mom."
by Dr. Nordoslavic December 04, 2012
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