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When a person uses an image in their forum signature but doesn't upload it themselves.

Then the person who uploaded it changes it to porn or other inappropriate material and person using it gets in trouble on the forum for it.

If you plan on pigsharking someone:

- Make a signature for them

- Give them the link for it (Make sure you use photobucket)

- Delete the image you uploaded.

- Name the inappropriate image the same as the signature you made.

- Upload it again and it will have the same URL as the signature did, therefore their signature image will change

- Sit back and LOL

Note: If they save the image and upload it themselves then it won't work.
Dude, I just pigsharked this noob. Now he's ip banned for having gay porn in his signature.
by TheHOAXHOAX April 23, 2011
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