A piece box is a plastic or metal box into which a Scottish person puts their piece (packed lunch) or pieces (sandwiches)
Gaffer: "Did ye bring a piece?"
New fella: "Aye, that's mah piece box there"
by The_Num September 9, 2013
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A 3 piece chicken meal from a fast food outlet with a side of rice and peas, with watermelon juice, normally purchased by a black man
"Yo leroy, wot yo eatin blud?"
"I is havin the 3 piece wog box winston innit"
by sipukka October 21, 2021
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When you jam 3 chicken tenders up a willing woman's vagina and proceed to remove and eat them.
Dude what a skank I can't believe she let you give her a 3 piece finger box. See also chicken linger
by Allison's giant bush January 26, 2010
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