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A new thread on an online forum that addresses a specific person, company, or entity, instead of the whole forum. In other words, using a forum like it's public email, usually with the intention of trying to call someone out publicly, and/or suck others into the piddler's drama.
on a forum:
user1: "Hey Steve Jobs! When are you going to release a macbook with a real video card? This is my THIRD post here on Apple forums and you STILL haven't responded".

user2: "Dude, like he's really going to reply to you, stop piddling"

On a forum:
Post Title: "Yo! Listen up EA Games! I have some ideas for you idiots that will save your company"

Reply to post: "Hey, you know the rules: no piddling posts"

On a forum:
Post Title: "You suck sgt_pwnage69! Read this!".

Reply to post: "stop being a piddler and send him a PM"
by weeklyhaircut April 21, 2007
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