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1) adj. The stage in a relationship that is reached when someone decides that all photographic representation of themselves must prominently display their significant other, especially holiday greeting cards, vacation photographs and their portrait on their blog and/or social networking site, usually inappropriately or in a tacky way and/or often at a stage in the relationship perceived as premature by family and acquaintances, resulting in the disapproval and disgust of others.
2) v. The act of being put into a state of picture-whipped.
Ex. 1) Mark's friends defriended him on facebook because he was too picture-whipped, sending out a cheesy holiday greeting card with him and his user girlfriend of one month dancing like elves.
2) It started with portraits of them together as gifts, but Zach knew his girlfriend was trying to picture-whip him once she changed his desktop background to her portrait, leading him to dump her before the situation lead to his-and-her matching sweaters.
by Mulechicken December 09, 2008
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