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Language: Hindi
Offence Quality: None / Non Offensive
A word to refer to someone who acts below his/her percieved mental ability.
Used as a light insult to imply stupidity. (see eg. 1)
Used to provide comic relief to a person. (see eg. 2)
Used with affection (non intimate) to refer to someone. (see eg. 3)
eg 1. dekh uss "phuddu" ko itna bhi nahi aata!
eg 2. kya phuddu sa ban raha hai?
eg 3. hatt phuddu!
by Kamal Pathak January 02, 2008
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In Indo-Pak (Urdu and Punjabi speaking regions) Phuddu also refers to mentioning a circumstantial condition of someone getting undue benefits.
1. "tera sahi phuddu laga huwa hay yaha",

2. "kaamyaab 2 hi tarah k log hayn, 1 jiska phuddu laga huwa hay 2 jikay phu*** lagi huwi hay"
by itechnological February 03, 2017
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