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A phluffer nutter is a result of eating a fluffer nutter, which is defined in Urban Dictionary and is a very delectable sandwich consisting of Marshmallow Spread and Peanut Butter.

A Phluffer Nutter is the gaseous result of eating a Fluffer Nutter and is prevalent in Truck Drivers. Please note that Phluffer Nutters will only occur while driving in a moving vehicle.

One experiences a Phluffer Nutter, while driving a truck, shortly after eating a Fluffer Nutter and the effect of the release of built up gases, that are exacerbated by the amount of refined sugars in the Fluffer Nutter, is demonstrated by the slow raising and lowering of the driver's private parts due to the fluctuating stream of released gases.

While it is highly unlikely that this can cause an obstruction of the driver's vision, it is important to note that there are unverified reports of accidents caused by excessive Phluffer Nuttering.
Right after eating a fluffler nutter I was slowing my vehicle on approach to the Weight Scale, I had a phluffer nutter that made me almost lose focus on downshifting. I hate it when that happens!
by RadicalRoadie April 06, 2015
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