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When you first phase one someone ( giving them the idea you want to be with them), then icing them out for as long as it takes (days, months, or years).

Then initiating phase two: giving them the impression you're too good for them like

"yah we'd never work out"
"I always laugh when people say we should be together, isn't that ridiculous?"

or dropping the "I'm glad were friends" bomb to make them work harder.

Eventually leaving the the opposing person puddy in your hand, to do what you may.
phase two'ed: the act in which you mindfuck them into doing what you want them to

"yah I phased two'ed him so hard last night, and we banged"
"yah I phased two'ed him so hard last night, and he did my taxes"
"yah I think I got phased two'ed I slept with someone I didn't think I would"
by brooklyngirl1996 December 12, 2016
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