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When a man and a women really love each other on RuneScape, they create what is known as a "phar0nix". It is a baby born INTO the RuneScape world, and therefore is bound to the RuneScape with a ball and chain. A phar0nix must get 20mil XP per week, or he will be flogged to death. When two phar0nix's come in contact, they must battle to the death on the spot, there can never be over 9000 phar0nixs.
Hows a cat and a phar0nix similar? - Bill

They both has a cheseburger - Mini
by African #4 May 05, 2009
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A No lifer in his 20's living with his parents. He is often thought to work in a Chinese buffet for obvious reasons. He wakes up every morning and his first thought is "What am I going to do on Runescape today?" He is also usually associated with a vacuum due to the fact that when you plug it in on one side it starts sucking on the other.
1)Even Phar0nix makes Zezima look good.
by Chad Hellens February 03, 2009
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