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Petroglyph is the only videogame company that totally pwns EA(Electronic Arts). Evil EA bought Westwood in 1998 and started putting their brand on Westwood games, thus removing every single tiny bit of quality from them. Since the Westwood developpers actually care more about the gamer than the money, the majority of them left EA and started this new VG company. They've had a good start with Star Wars: Empire at War and it's only the beginning.
- Dude, EA is so going to conquer the world!
- Not at all, Westwood guys just left them to form PETROGLYPH!
- O RLY? Then there's still hope in life! I'll stop cutting my wrists and covering 3/5 of my face with my hairs! (see emo)
by Spirate April 17, 2006
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