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a petrocci is a very kind caring person. someone that you couldnt live one day without after meeting them. real down to earth but yet so goofy that you couldnt resist. has great friends&family around them. cute and attractive and always knows what to animal but still a good person. loves their family to death and treats them with great respect. the kind of person you can do basically anything around and you wont be judged unless youre a strait up loser. the one youll miss when they arent right by your side. the one who will jam out to songs like usher's song OMG for hourss in the car. also loves to GTL it all day if they could. overall best friend you could ever ask for. besties forever&alwayss no matter what:)
You're at a party
me: yo where's shmalibear?
marcus: what the helll are you talking about?
me: alex you dipshit. this party isn't a party until there's a petrocci here!
by Shartowski January 16, 2011
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