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Petplay is a in role in which the focus is on the sub entering the altered mind space of a different species, often a dog, cat, or horse. Often related to BDSM.
My friend Sara will sometimes pretend to be a kitty when her Dominant is around. This is called Petplay.
by DeffinitionDragon213 January 18, 2017
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Usually sexual roleplaying involving Owner/Puppy, Owner/Kitty, Owner/Pet etc. The main stipulation is that one person is either an "owner" or playing the "owner" of the other person, or the submissive person is a "pet" or playing the "pet" of the dominant. Both people involved are ALWAYS adults and ALWAYS human.
"Owner" Zach and his "Puppy" Katy decided to participate in petplay even though Katy not really his pet or a puppy.
by Little Wren February 01, 2010
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Someone who likes to dress as a dog and preform sexual acts. Part of a scale that determines someone’s weirdness.
β€˜Is Jake weird?’

β€˜He definitely likes pet play’
by Red pepper hummus October 24, 2018
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