May 7 Word of the Day
Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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A peterphile is an adult male from a Western European country that hits on teenage girls, formally know as a Romanian predator.
Ewww, this guy from hungry just slid into my DM‘s, he such a peterphile!
by Danduffer February 19, 2018
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Someone who really likes Peter Griffin from the famous cartoon show Family Guy.
Mom: Why do you have a Peter Griffin body pillow?
Me: Because im a Peterphile. He is the perfect man and I need him in my life.
by Peter STAN July 22, 2019
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