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An extremely addicting application on Facebook in which one creates a creepy looking, colorful virtual "pet" to play with. Games include wandering around an empty house, "visiting" friends' pets to get money, jumping the freaking jump rope, and running races. Ultimately, the goal is to gain "coins" and "pet points" so that you can buy your pet cool stuff (clothes/furniture/etc.) and raise your status to beat your friends' pets!
Oh my god, I hate my friend Lucie for telling me about Pet Society. I'm so addicted now; I have this weird looking emo panda thing to take care of and I'm engaged in fierce competition to maintain my standing against my other friends. This is such a waste of time.
by EmoPanda March 15, 2009
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Although this Facebook-based game should be considered one of the most girly, depravingly gay things ever concocted for the pop culture obsessed tween female genre, it is as addictive as heroin and almost as entertaining as getting into a jeep and running people down, obsessing over Grand Theft Auto.
Pet Society is so addictive I stopped drinking water for half a day playing it and ended up in the hospital.
by Hexenhammer December 27, 2009
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