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verb :
when any female continues to:

interrupt, nag, direct, boss, bitch, whine, complain, order, or any other form of annoyance causing distraction during gaming hours*. The only acceptable exception is in order to receive sexual favors from the female pestrator.

* gaming hours:

Any and all times while an electronic device is in utilization by a male. Especially, during times the male feels the uncontrollable barbaric urge to "kill some mother effer's on Xbox" or any other brand gaming console, handheld electronic device, or Arcade equipment.

**Hours may and will vary:

These are to include the

scheduling of availability for other slothful behaviors. Such as, consumption of food or other sustenance, relieving of one's self and sleeping. Also to include the level or degree of pestration achieved by the pestrator female.
The pestration I constantly endure from my girlfriend makes me feel like strangling myself.

I've never been so pestrated.

Pestration will be the death of her.
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by Twilight Lowe July 13, 2018
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