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you know when you see a girls profile, and she has an album called 'modelling' and you view it, and it kinda arouses you, but it shouldnt, because she's 17. and you realise that the photo is technically really bad, and she is in fact topless, with a thong on, simply hiding her breasts with an elbow.

so then your thoughts wander.... and you think about the man or woman (usually man) who took these images. you then see his name on the caption for the image, and it reads some mediocre name, like "John Hunt Photography" and then you visit his website, and you do in fact realise that every image of every girl on there, taken with the Β£3k camera he doesn't know how to use, is classed as "glamour" - Β it is lit terribly (TERRIBLY!!!!), and has some form of background similar to a bedsheet that has been crapped on, and then tie dyed, then you see the guys photo, he looks horribly balding, and kinda wierd when he smiles. only one word comes into your head - "PERVOGRAPHER"
pervographer: "hey, have you ever done any modelling?"
girl: "no?"
p: "you should let me take some pictures of you (half naked), take my card (created for free on vistaprint), Have a nose through my portfolio (scrap book) see if you like the style (half naked) of shot i use with these other models (teen girls desperate for attention).''
by xceilix January 20, 2010
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