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1. any one who discriminates against and/or looks down on any other person based on them making perverted jokes, liking to watch porn and is too young, openly admitting to jacking off, looking at a girl's cleavage when they bend over based on natural urge, etc.....

many preppy girls belong to this category because of looking down on guys who arent afraid to express their instincts openly

just like homosexuality, it is not the pervert's fault. we were born a pervert and should not be discriminated against because of it.

2. any movie that makes a bad image of perverts, having the pervert as the bad character all the time, etc... but some shows are pro-pervert. (family guy is pro-pervert because quagmire is a pervert, but he's also a nice/fun guy.)
chloe- ewwy my friend told me that you always talk about sex and make dirty jokes

me-correct and so what?

chloe- and you watch porn! you are a bad person

me- you perv-basher!!! thats perv prejudice!!
by Gbet February 01, 2010
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