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a male, often middle-aged or older, who continually harasses uninterested persons. they are often shunned by peers and not invited to gatherings, as it is known they will piss everyone off, by trying to screw every woman in sight, even if their spouse is present. the true perv ass will not take no for an answer, even if told NO in a very direct way. a perv ass will sexually harass every woman they can, often for many years in hopes that she will eventually break down. They are totally shameless and will do outrageous shit, like exposing themselves to everyone including children. They will apologize later, blaming it on their drinking. Castration may be the only cure!
Bucky and Sai are such perv asses they are always coming on to me, even though I have told them NO NEVER, a million times. Bucky even comes on to me in front of my mother, and they have been together for 15 years. YUCK! FUCKING GROSS!
by pussycontrol November 16, 2009
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