A website that can be designed by anybody that is mainly for individual use. A personal website falls under several categories, depending on how the individual makes use of it.
1. Personal: These usually consist mainly of online photo albums of the website creator, online diaries (also known as blogs) and some background information about the creator, such as the creator's favourite food.
2. Professional: There are several kinds of professionals:
a. Portfolios - Artists usually go for this medium as a means to display their work online, such as music and graphics
b. Business professionals - As this kind has stated, the purpose here is to have some kind of online business that can be conducted without the need to be physically near the customer.
c. Star celebrity - A way of doing PR, except that it's by means of the internet.
3. Communal: Under this category, it is usually in the form of a forum where the creator can invite friends and family to communicate online as a group rather than through instant messengers online such as AIM and MSN.
Some of the main reasons why people have personal websites is to have a form of identity, personality and communication, mainly how they want others to see them presented as.
Visit my personal website to know more about me and to see photos of my dog!
by Amantis April 5, 2005
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