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Pronounced: Perge-italian

A woman who is half italian, and half persian. She is very hairy, very horny, and tend to be very fat, and lazy. They tend to have a very identifiable smell. Not very attractive features, but claims to be exotic. They also like to wear the color red a lot!! Almost all their dresses are red.

When taking pictures, they like to press their breasts against things and zoom in on them (i.e. the wall, things that are red, other breasts).

When they find a mate, it is normally a very scrawny and awkward looking guy. At any given time, all the guys she will ever go out with look like this. But she prefers flirting with other women.

Their diet consists of cake, breakfast burritos, more cake, and cake. They keep a slice of cake in their car for emergencies. Do not try to take away a cake from them! Also do not eat cake near them because they will eat it.

They are also the only known people who walk while sleeping. Not to be confused with sleep-walking. Due to their enormous laziness, while they are walking, they start to make a pillow out of the furry neck rolls they posses. They fall to sleep while while walking on these rolls, typically resulting in walking into trees.

There can only be one pers-italian within a givin radius... or else they would have to fight... possibly resulting in the winner eating the loser
"want to see my pers-italian rack?"

"I'm sorry, its the pers-italian in me. I can't help it. Ha aha aha hahaha"

"Some pers-italian just walked into a tree again; when i tried to help her up, she tried to touch me c*ck"

Pers-italian: "What is this mess?"
Pers-italian roommate: "thats your mess"
Pers-italian: "well clean it up"

Driving instructor: "ok, please show me how your dash-board works"
Pers-italian: "Well here is the windsheild whipper, turn signals, radio, emergency lights, and emergency cake"
Driving instructor: "What was the last one"
Pers-italian: "Emergency cake see!....oh wait i ate it... does that mean i fail?"
by persitaliansex August 03, 2009
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