A person who is perpetually in a muscle building phase, which entails eating surplus calories during the course of their weight lifting program.
This person will never go on a diet for various reasons such as:

- they don't want to lose muscle and strength

- they want to look big and intimidating in clothes

- they are delusional about their true body composition, believing they are mostly muscle.

- they have a strong appetite and dieting is too mentally hard

Permabulkers will often sport a beer belly and man boobs to go along with their big arms. When they look in the mirror they do not see this however, as progress to this level of body fat happened very slowly over a long period of time and the ego has adapted accordingly.

Ripped guy: When are you going to go on a diet?

Permabulker: Once I hit 250 lbs body weight, I will then cut down to 220 lbs with abs

Ripped guy: LOL, are you joking, you will need to diet down to 185lbs to see any kind of ab definition, you fat delusional permabulker!
by oncewerebulkers October 3, 2013
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Forever bulking: training strength without any regard for bodyfat, building plenty of muscle *and* fat, but never cutting down on the fat. Often an excuse for eating poorly.
What the hell, Jorgen's a powerlifter but he's wolfing down an entire pizza?
Yeah, man, he's permabulking, he doesn't care one bit about his physique.
by thomasripper June 29, 2016
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