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When a man is able to bounce his pectoral muscles (chest muscles) up and down by flexing them.

This movement is usually achieved with enough muscle strength, power and definition in his pectorals and through practice.

This is also possible with women but rarely so. Hence, women may often display adoration, admiration and astonishment when witnessing a man percolating his pectoids, some even displaying the desire to touch the man's muscles.

The epitome of percolating pectoids can be seen in actor Terry Crews. Watch his magnificent percolating pectoids in the episode of My Wife and Kids called "Michael joins a gym".
Girl 1: OHMYGOODNESS have you seen his pecs?!
Girl 2: Yes!! OH EM GEE they're to die for! I just wanna feel them!
Girl 1: I know!! Did you see it when he did his percolating pectoids move? it was BOMB
by yonmi-yonmi January 19, 2015
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