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(n.) One who lives his life in advantageous deception; a person who tricks his or her peers into believing in a lofty, squeaky-clean façade while actually engaging in dirty, dangerous underground activity (i.e. underground rap, drug trafficking, golf tournament fixing, etc.)
Joe: I swear I saw Greg free styling over “Grillz” at my drug dealer’s house last night. I thought he was a preppy golfer? Can’t be right.

Stu: That was definitely him. My boys in D12 said pepper switch is one of the hardest newcomers to the game.

Joe: Wow, pepper switch is nuts.
by holycannolli December 19, 2011
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A person who makes a bet with their friends to eat spicy peppers. After eating the first one, he/she hides the second pepper and pretends to re-eat the first one. Because they suck at being a trickster, they get caught. He/she is now labeled "Pepper Switch".
Frat Kid "Bro…I defenitly just saw Douchebag Doerr hide that second pepper."
Douchebag Doerr "No, that was the third one!"
Frat Kid "Oh, now dominos gives three peppers with each pizza. What a Pepper Switch"
by ThatShitPray December 15, 2011
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