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someone who does all of the following:

1) pisses himself
2) was a douche last night
3) loves anal penetration
4) is bitter and clingy
5) reads this when i show him
6) lifts up girls' shirts when he dances with them
7) smells like BO
8) gets 0.5 GPA
9) bets someone he can go further with his own sister than they can with theirs
10) has beautifully glazed eyes I'm not gonna lie
11) loses city finals
12) has never won a dodgeball game
13) is still totally sweet
hot chick 1: oh shit that guy with beautiful eyes just lifted up my shirt after pissing himself
hot chick 2: ya and now hes pissing himself and passing out in your bed
hot chick 3: what a Pentney
hot chick 4: ya lets all hook up with him
by levi sara riley curtis February 10, 2008
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