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the act of handleing stroking caressing cradleing your boner, stiffy, meat rocket, pole, meat stick,twig and berries, all beef thermometer, cock, penis, dick, man apendige, your alabama black snake, anal impaler, baby maker, bald headed yogrt slinger, big italian salami,
choad, weiner, winky, skin flute, stemin semen roadway, third leg, trouser snake, wang, wanker and purple headed love soldier, and or your russel the love muscle.
dude that gutter baby slut just fondled my penis and it was sweeett!..
did that gutter baby slut really fondle yo penis?...
yeah man that gtter abby slut is such a penisfondler..
yeah that gtter baby slut definitely is a huge penisfondler
by milkinshakes24/7 February 06, 2011
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