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(v.) Act of a woman giving the balls/grundle/junk the motorboat effect. Studies have shown this to be most enjoyable... especially while eating corn beef hash.t
The Penis Motorboat...
By Patrck J. Ferro, Jr.
Narrated by Jason Blank

What happened was... I woke up one morning and I came out of this persons house which I didn't know wher eit was. And I saw a blue sky. And as I called my friends, they were like where are you, and I was like, I don't know, but I just saw a blue sky and went. So... I walked that way. And after a couple of blocks, I arrived at the ocean. And at the ocean I found a bar, which could have been a gay bar, And I saw the nice grass on the frontal area, and across the street, another nice bar, because I was still drunk, and to this day I have never been back there, But, they had the best corn beef hash. And, as I was eating this corn beef hash, they told me to let my nuts dangle, and I did. And I am not sure what kind of creature it was, but as I was eating this corn beef hash, my nuts were dangling, and this creature came up between my two balls, and motor boated the shit out of them. And it was amazing. This cornbeef hash is delicious as my nuts feel like they are on a bed of roses. There is no greater feeling than a penis motor while eating corn beef hash.

by John McGizzle July 11, 2009
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