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A man who is pre-occupied to talk about anything else but the penis
A person whose face looks like a penis, and therefore subject to much ridicule
A person who collect penis's, and has a book about penis sizes
The other definition you will find out once you are fucked up, which is the truest definition

Ethan is a fuckin penis mongor
I know he always talks about the penis
Dude he has a book on penis's too
what a penis mongor

O Shit that dude is a fucking penis mongor (only allowed when fucked up)

Fuck you u penis mongor u
by Masturbate March 10, 2008
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likes dicks all up in his ass crack and slappin his bitch ass leg as the penis is erected and pounding his shit farther into his ass hole in other words a black guy with a big dick that likes cocks in his BUNG HOLE.
That queer is a penis-mongor and likes it up the f**cking ass like a choo choo train.
by JESUS THE GREAT PUBIS April 27, 2007
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