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1) Masturbation

2) A place where ones' penis can be pumped-off, often into a jar where the ejaculant is saved and consumed later.

3) Penis pumpery may also refer to an upcoming dvd featuring several buff men pumping iron while pumping each other's dicks.

4) Also, penis pumpery is synonymous with ass hattery and faggotry or faggot-tree.

5) The last known definition refers to the clandestine society found in sonas throughout the world in which buff, sweaty men pump each others penises off.
Joey: "Hey man, are you going to the local penis pumpery tonight ? I hear they're having a two for one ball waxing addition to the regular penis pumping."

Arnold: "Naw dog, I'm totally not cool with some other dude beatin my meat...know what I'm saying ?"
by hot balls Johnson December 19, 2010
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