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The absolute worst, most ineffective, annoying, and outright disfigured and offensive Pokemon to ever grace a video game console. It is bad enough that it's a large flying monstrosity half resembling a blimp with a diseased thyroid and a drunken swallow. To make matters worse, it has the most ineffective and absolutely annoying attacks ever conceived.

Usually when you battle another Pokemon and are dealt no damage, you are happy, but with the Pelipper, you need to scroll through horrible text such as, "The wild pelipper uses Spit Up, but couldn't spit up a thing" or "The wild pelipper uses fling, but couldn't fling a thing" and all you want to do is fling your DS out the window in absolute horror at this terrible excuse for a Pokemon.
"You are attacked by a wild Pelipper"

Pikachu used Run Away.
by Ed7 August 13, 2007
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