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niqab, Full face veil as named in The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 by Noel Fielding
"Whats the propper name for a full face veil: peepscarf"
by ediXo November 30, 2007
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A garment worn by female terrorists (musbums), in order for them to travel from country to country while keeping their identity relatively ananymous.
The device was invented in the early eighteenth century by Professor Mustaf Bonjita of Bonjela, to secretly sneak an army of 100,000 into the North-Eastern region of Southern Strepsil.
His attack was succesful, and merged Strepsil with Bonjela, forming what we now know today as "The Middle East".
The exp gained from this also allowed him to become a level 97 mage.
The USA waged war against Bonjita, so he assumed the identity of Jesus Christ, and to this day is referred to as "The People's Champion"
He lives in Australia, and presents a succesful day time tv show.
Ascii representation of the peepscarf
/ ____ \
| |0_0| |
/ \
/ \

Example: "'scuse me madam, can you remove your peepscarf in order for me to confirm your identity"
by Loose McGoose November 29, 2007
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