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A term used by kids to say someone who is just so so super duper meany pants and you just get so so mad at them. They will drive you crazy, here are some examples of random names I have heard of people who my kid called a peepeeface are: Dylan, Joey (Worst peepeeface name in the world apparently according to suzy), Sienna, Lorenzo, Prettypual, Cristian, Valdez, Sid, Eric!!! ESPECIALLY ERIC!!!(he threw a crayon at her head)
Ryan: Hey man hows it going did you see Eric last night he was being such a meany peepeeface
Dominic: YEAH MAN I DID, HE WAS SUCH A PEEPEEFACE, also Joey he was really super duper meany pants bro!!
Ryan: WOAH MAN!!
by Dominic-lost-his-brain-cells November 02, 2017
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