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Drinking a nice hot cup of pee
Hold on, do you want me to go get a cup and pee in it or do you want me to stick my pee machine down your mouth so you can have some fresh?
by PEEinYOURmouth January 24, 2005
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One who is expelled from bootcamp for drinking their own urine out of a canteen.
Me: Ben why did you get kicked out of bootcamp?
Ben: I drank my own piss out of a canteen. I am a pee drinker.
by seltzer March 27, 2007
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I.E. Baby, since we all drink our own pee in the womb.
The doctor said Todd needed a couple of shots and Todd was being such a pee-drinker about it.
by Tyscyth November 13, 2010
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