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1. A person who is ambidextrous, specifically with their feet. Derived using the Latin word pes, which means feet. They are equally skilled at using either their left or right foot, which can provide an advantage in sports such as surfing, soccer, and the triple jump in athletics.

2. The ability of someone to perform skilful tasks with their feet such as writing and eating with chopsticks, by holding things between their toes.

3. A car where either the left or right headlight works, but not both at the same time. Based on the word pediddel, which means a car with only one working headlight.
The English athlete Jonathan Edwards was pedidextrous, and his unbeaten world record triple jump in 1995 was the first to exceed 60 ft.

Yesterday my car's left headlight wasn't working. Today it's the right one. It must be pedidextrous.
by Bloopy May 22, 2008
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